Product deformulation analysis, also known as “chemical reverse engineering” is the process of analytically breaking down a drug, material, or product’s formulation to separate and determine the specific identity and exact quantity of both its major and minor constituent components. This process can be vital to a wide range of scenarios such as quick airing formulation developer identifying hazardous components in consumer products, determining potential patent infringement, or improving competitive positioning of existing or new product(s).


Our Deformulation Labs

Our deformulation labs have successfully reverse engineered many products and formulations applying advanced extraction and analytical techniques to separate, identify, and quantify the components.

Invitron’s scientific talent

Invitron’s scientific talent can provide the qualitative and quantitative formula and specifications needed to manufacture the product based on your existing capabilities such as equipment and capacity.  We can also provide guidance and recommendations to improve your overall manufacturing process for similar microstructural similarity.

Advertise Services

While many deformulation labs advertise services to identify a formulation’s major components, few can accurately deliver a complete deformulation analysis that identifies and quantifies the ingredients in a complex formulation. Even fewer can successfully re-combine the ingredients in order to deliver the formulation’s proper production process.